About Us

A team of passionate professionals who are here to help you.

Born & Bred In Western Australia

Digital Star Horizons is proud to support WA’s adult and digital entertainers.

Long Term Experience
Combined our three consultants have over 50 years of industry knowhow.

Highly Qualified
Our services are fully licenced and our experts hold appropriate qualifications in their fields.

At the end of the day, we love helping people and especially enjoy meeting for the first time.

Talk To Us Today

Our first meeting is a free consultation where we can chat and give you some clarity on your financial position.


Our Team


Brendon Burvill

More than 20 years experience providing financial and insurance services, helping people with the right advice for their stage in life.

Brendon will assess your financial needs, help maximise wealth creation and plan protection against unfortunate events.


Matthew Thompson

Helping clients of all sizes from sole traders to large companies, as well as managing complex investment portfolios.

Matthew is also involved in motorsports with practice assisting people in the sports and entertainment industries.


David Byatt

Close to 20 years running business with expertise in strategic planning and marketing.

David is a Google Partner and experienced in all digital and social platforms.